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Awesome dive master

My daughter and I got back from diving in Bonaire on July 24, 2010.  On one of our boat dives, I observed a dive master working with a couple  separate from our group who was much better than any of the dive  masters with our operation (Buddy Dive). Before we left the boat, I  scheduled as many shore dives with him as his and our schedules  permitted. He took us to excellent dive sites; there was not a fish or  corral that he did not know the name of; and he pointed out interesting  things we would never have noticed. When we go back to Bonaire, we will  be diving with him as much as we can. Ebby is 6'3", a police officer, a college graduate and a  student of history. You will be in safe hands with him, and he will a  good conversationalist during surface intervals. service.

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